Jigs, Wings and Beer…Physician Heal Thyself…

Greetings and Salutations…
I feel like such a hypocrite after spending yesterday out on the water…let me explain.
The temperatures have warmed up in my area after a long frigid spell, and the main channels and backwaters on the rivers and lakes have de-iced. Yesterday was my first real day on the water, and it was a little impromptu.  Needless to say, I didn’t check my equipment…I basically threw everything I thought I might need in the back of the all wheel drive sled and hit the water with dreams of getting my master angler for 2018 in the first hour.
What a catastrophe…
I could compose a doctoral theses on the things that went wrong–line twist and not enough line on the spinning reel, wrong tackle box with the incorrect lures for fishing conditions, didn’t pack the landing net, wrong spinning reel with the incorrect line…the list goes on and on.  I preach about being prepared before you go out on the water, because you never know when that fish of a lifetime is going to be on the other end, and I totally disregarded my mantra.  When I missed a nice rainbow strike because I had the wrong size jig (that’s the only size I had on me) I wanted to stand underneath the bridge and let one of the icicles fall and take me out.
So, the lesson I learned from yesterday…practice what you preach and to borrow a line from the Boy Scouts of America,  “Be Prepared”.

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